City Commission Approves Endorsement of Legislative Agenda

City Commission Approves Endorsement of Legislative Agenda

In Monday's City Commission Meeting, commissioners deliberated on endorsing the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce's 2024 Legislative Agenda. As an annual initiative, the Chamber takes the lead in formulating and disseminating a legislative agenda that encapsulates community concerns. The finalized document is destined for state and federal lawmakers, offering a concise overview of crucial local issues.

Of particular significance to the City are the agenda's appeals for funding to support essential infrastructure projects. Notable among these projects are enhancements to West Magnolia and Holmes Road, along with the River Renewal initiative.

Collaboration on this agenda extended to several key organizations, including Saline County, Salina Community Economic Development Organization (SCEDO), Salina Airport Authority, USO 305, Salina Tech, KU School of Medicine and Nursing Salina, Kansas State University Salina, Salina Regional Health Center, and Salina Family Healthcare Center. The collective effort also involved the engagement of Eric Sexton from Foulston Siefkin LLP, serving as a Government Affairs Consultant. Mr. Sexton has played a pivotal role in shaping the legislative agenda and will act as the community's advocate in Topeka during the upcoming legislative session.

It's noteworthy that there is no associated cost with this action. The motion to endorse the legislative agenda was unanimously approved with a 5-0 vote.

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