City Commission Approves Acceptance of Offered Public Utility Easement

City Commission Approves Acceptance of Offered Public Utility Easement
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At Monday's City Commission meeting, Commissioners considered acceptance of offered public utility easement dedication serving a new dormitory constructed on the Kansas State University - Salina campus.

BACKGROUND: K-State Salina recently completed construction and occupancy of a new student dormitory on the K­-State Salina campus north of an existing dormitory (Harbin Hall). To provide domestic water service and fire protection for the dormitories, Kansas State University designed and constructed a public water line extension extending west from an existing public water line in Centennial Rd. As this was designed to be a public water line and also serves a public fire hydrant it needs to be located within a public utility easement which K-State has agreed to dedicate to the City.

The needed exhibit and easement description has been prepared and submitted by a Kansas licensed surveyor and is ready for execution and acceptance. The easement document has been approved by the Kansas Attorney General's Office and signed by Dr. Richard Linton, President of Kansas State University.

FISCAL NOTE: There will be no fiscal impact on the City from the acceptance of this utility easement. The water line located within the dedicated utility easement is a public line that will become part of the City's public water distribution system upon acceptance and recording of the easement.

The motion passed 5-0.

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