Camdyn Schreiber & Josh Rubino Selected as Salina Public Schools’ Horizon Award Winners

Camdyn Schreiber & Josh Rubino Selected as Salina Public Schools’ Horizon Award Winners

Salina USD 305 presents a Horizon Award to teachers who have demonstrated excellence during their first full year of teaching.

Elementary Horizon Award – Camdyn Schreiber, Fourth Grade Teacher

Camdyn teaches fourth grade at Sunset Elementary School. She is known as a highly reflective teacher, continuously striving to strengthen student relationships and enhance their lessons. 

At the beginning of the school year, she gave each parent or guardian a card that read, “Handle with Care,” and included her email address and phone number. The parents and guardians were instructed to contact Camdyn if their child needed extra care, for any reason, during the school day. When they emailed or called to let her know of a child’s special need, Camdyn offered caring and compassion to her student. And, she followed up quickly, kindly and professionally after each contact with the adults.

In her classroom, Camdyn uses her students’ interests as a starting point to engage them in discussions. She makes sure to highlight important events in their lives and show that her classroom is a community where all of them experience a sense of belonging. 

Camdyn received her bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University. She is currently working towards her master’s degree in Instructional Technology at Fort Hays State University. 
Congratulations Camdyn!

Secondary Horizon Award – Josh Rubino, English Teacher

Josh is a second year English Language Arts teacher at Central High School (CHS), where he teaches 10th and 12th grade English. 

Peer-teaching, where small groups of students become “experts” in a concept, is often used in Josh’s classes. While teacher lectures and individual work are part of the experience, collaboration is at the heart of his teaching strategies.

“When students are working with others to answer a question, solve a problem, or create something, they are being active learners while practicing valuable interpersonal skills,” explains Josh. He gives them options for learning the course material and prioritizes students discovering things on their own, rather than lecturing.

Josh graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently earning his teaching certification through Fort Hays State University. He is an advocate for the humanities in education, and strives to help students find joy and meaning in reading and writing. In addition to his duties as a teacher, Josh is co-coach of the Mustang Scholar’s Bowl team and sponsor of the CHS Chess Club. Always trying new things, Josh hopes to role-model the pursuit of lifelong learning to his students.

Congratulations Josh!

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