Burglar Strikes I-70 Novelty Shop, Resulting in $1,500 Loss

Burglar Strikes I-70 Novelty Shop, Resulting in $1,500 Loss
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In a recent incident at the I-70 Novelty Shop located in the 2100 block of N Brookville Rd, a burglary took place between June 13 at 10 pm and June 14 at 11 am. The perpetrators gained access to the building by forcefully breaching steel doors, causing approximately $500 in damage.

During the break-in, an assortment of items went missing from the store. Ten different types of male sex toys, estimated to be worth $500, were among the stolen merchandise. Additionally, various female sex toys, also valued at $500, were taken. The total loss and damage amounts to $1,500.

Items missing from the store include sex toys, lubricants, a blow-up female doll, and larger display items that were removed from the walls.

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