Ashby House Recipient of Lowe's Hometowns Grant

Ashby House Recipient of Lowe's Hometowns Grant

Ashby House, a vital refuge for women and their children, has embarked on a transformative partnership with Lowe's, a nationwide home improvement retailer. This endeavor marks a significant step in their mission to provide essential services and a safe haven for those in need. Ashby House, recognized as one of just two such facilities in the state of Kansas and one of a hundred across the nation, has been selected to receive support from Lowe's Hometowns grant program.

At the heart of this collaboration is the commitment to bolster the living conditions and services at Ashby House's residence, the Bridge House – a facility where women can live with their children while receiving crucial assistance. The building, dedicated to offering temporary accommodations and support, plays a pivotal role in the lives of its residents. With 12 apartments, the facility offers a free and secure environment.

Patrick Parker, Director of Operations at Ashby House, emphasized the significance of the project. The revitalization efforts, set to conclude in November 2023, encompass a range of improvements, including the installation of new windows and mini-split heating and cooling systems.

Lowe's Hometowns grant program, in its second year, underscores the company's profound commitment to community revitalization. A five-year, $100 million initiative, the program seeks to rejuvenate and rebuild spaces that are central to communities' well-being. Ashby House's selection among the 100 chosen projects reflects the essence of Lowe's commitment to fostering positive change nationwide.

Marvin Ellison, Chairman and CEO of Lowe's, conveyed his honor in supporting these impactful projects. Each selected endeavor will receive financial support tailored to its specific needs, accompanied by active engagement from Lowe's associates, known for their iconic red vests. The collaborative efforts aim to enhance the infrastructure and facilities of each organization, thus amplifying the scope and quality of the services they provide.

For Ashby House, this grant is a testament to the invaluable work they undertake in the Salina community. Their gratitude extends to Lowe's for recognizing their mission and joining hands to uplift their capacity to serve. As the Bridge House is one of only two facilities in Kansas where mothers can stay with their children, Ashby House is poised to leverage this support to continue their legacy of aiding those in need.

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