Alleged Shooting Leads to Requested Attempted 2nd Degree Murder Charges

Alleged Shooting Leads to Requested Attempted 2nd Degree Murder Charges
Victor Phanthakeo, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

In the early hours of December 16 at 2:30 am, officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Moon Dr. in response to a reported domestic disturbance. Upon reaching the location, officers reportedly discovered a 25-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the arm. Simultaneously, it was brought to their attention that a 26-year-old male had arrived at SRHC with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the 26-year-old had been involved in a possible disturbance at a residence in the vicinity, involving 30-year-old Victor Phanthakeo. The 25-year-old victim intervened, attempting to separate the 26-year-old from the altercation, at which point Phanthakeo allegedly brandished a firearm and shot the 26-year-old. The trajectory of the bullet resulted in an additional injury to the arm of the 25-year-old.

Phanthakeo was arrested at the scene and is now facing requested charges of Attempted 2nd Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery.

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