The top reasons to book with a travel agent for your next vacation.

  1. YOU ARE PROTECTED: Online you can often find great deals. But, are you protected? You will want to book with a local trusted travel agency that knows the industry and only works with trusted suppliers.  If travel plans change or there is an emergency during your trip, you have advocates that you can call for help! They will also help you avoid hidden costs such as resort fees, port fees, gratuities, etc. It is all transparently provided before you pay your deposit.
  2. YOU CAN PAY IN INSTALLMENTS: With Cruise Planners of Salina, you can pay a refundable deposit to reserve a cruise cabin and pay for the whole trip (airfare, hotel stays, cruise, excursions, etc) in installments. This makes a great Christmas gift for your loved ones or friends. Reserve before the holidays and pay in installments.
  3. YOU CAN SPEAK FACE TO FACE WITH SOMEONE: You will have someone local to talk to face to face or on the phone without a 40 minute hold time. If any travel questions arise, you can call direct or email to get answers right away.
  4. THEY DO THE WORK TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY: Planning our own trip online can be very time consuming. You have to do all the research to make sure you are booking at a credible and safe establishment. what area you will be in, what hotel is the best for the best price, rental cars, what is in close proximity to where you are booking, what excursions are available, what offers the cruise lines and airlines have to offer and the list goes on and on.  CRUISE PLANNERS does all this work for you. You don't have to lift a finger and you are likely going to get the same or better rate and save hours of your time.
  5. YOU GET EXPERT ADVICE: Travel specialists, like Lonnie and Cyndi Morris, have been in the industry for over a decade. They know when it is hurricane season, when it is too hot, when it is rain season, etc  The will tell you everything you need to know before you go and offer great tips and advice. They know if you need a passport, what each country laws are for incoming and exiting the countries. For instance, did you know that you cannot enter Canada if you have ever been convicted of a felony or DUI?
  6. FLEXIBILITY: If you need to make changes or cancel a booking, your local travel agency can often work magic. They have established relationships with hotels, condos, airlines and cruise lines to establish the best possible outcome. They will also tell you about what is and isn't allowed when they book y our travel so you can make informed decisions.  
  7. EXTRA VALUE AND PERKS: Travel specialists have a large network of industry connections. They work hard to enhance your trips with perks and surprises. They can score the best deals and you don't have to sweat the details.

So, bottom line. You can save time and money by using a local trusted travel specialist.

Cruise Planners has been named the #1 home-based travel franchise by for 18 years straight. It is the largest  home-based travel agency and their specialists are full service land and cruise vacation experts.

With Cruise Planners being one of the most recognized names in the travel industry, ,they are more than just cruises. They are the top producers with all major travel partners, including cruise, land, travel insurance, flights, car rentals, resorts excursions and more.  

Cyndi and Lonnie Morris, your local experts are ready to help book your next adventure. They are happy to plan family, individual, group or corporate travel.

Contact them at 785.484.2050 or by email at

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