Woman Escapes Domestic Kidnapping

Woman Escapes Domestic Kidnapping

In the early hours of Tuesday, July 11, at approximately 3:21 am, SPD responded to a possible domestic incident in the 200 block of S 4th, where a woman became the victim of a domestic kidnapping possibly perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend.

The victim had just returned home from work when the subject unexpectedly appeared, waiting for her arrival. He allegedly forcibly took her phone and began searching through it, accusing her of infidelity. The subject allegedly began hitting the victim.

The woman tried to leave, but the subject allegedly placed a chair in front of the door and sat on it, not letting her leave. However, a brief opportunity presented itself when he momentarily left the door unguarded. Seizing the chance, the woman managed to flee, dashing down the street.

The subject allegedly ran and caught up to her, grabbed her, and started pulling and dragging her back to the apartment. The victim then escaped for a second time. The subject then left the scene.

Officers have requested a warrant for the subject's arrest, to include possible requested charges of kidnapping, domestic battery, criminal damage to property, and criminal deprivation of property. The alleged altercation resulted in an estimated $180 worth of damages, including to a tablet, watch, comforter, and clothing.

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