Woman Arrested After False Fire Alarm & Altercation at Hospital

Woman Arrested After False Fire Alarm & Altercation at Hospital
Ericka Vickrey, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

On Tuesday, July 4, at around 1:40 pm, officers were dispatched to Pioneer President's Place in the 200 block of S 7th Street, in response to a fire alarm that had allegedly been intentionally pulled without any actual need for emergency services. Officers allegedly determined that a female individual had pulled the alarm in an unnecessary manner.

As the officers moved to apprehend the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Ericka Vickery, she allegedly stated that she was in medical distress, leading to her transportation to the SRHC. However, Vickery allegedly threatened and battered an officer, as well as a member of the hospital security team. This alleged behavior led to her being body wrapped.

Vickery now faces an array of requested charges, including two counts of criminal threat, battery of a law enforcement officer, felony obstruction, unlawful request for emergency services, battery, damage to property, and disorderly conduct.

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