Winter Weather Coverage

Winter Weather Coverage


With weather forecasts expecting a wintry mix of rain and light snow Monday afternoon (November 14) moving through Tuesday morning (November 15), the City of Salina will be pre-treating elevated surfaces with salt and a Magnesium Chloride brine (MgCl2).
The Streets work group plans to have additional trucks ready on standby for emergency response as needed throughout the evening and the early morning. Staff will continue to monitor weather reports and make adjustments to the plan as needed throughout the day and evening.
The public is asked to allow ample space when approaching salt trucks from behind, as the equipment will be distributing salt to the roadway. Driving too closely to equipment could also present additional challenges and safety concerns for operators and other motorists.
For additional information on the storm or snow removal operations, please visit the City’s website at, the City’s Facebook page at or call the General Services office at (785) 309-5750.


Snow has begun to fall across the area. (The image above was take at 11:07 am).

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect from noon today to 10pm tonight.

Check back to this post throughout the day for weather related information.

Road conditions worsening to the west. 4:47 pm
Updated 2:28 PM
12:59 PM

Road Conditions + Radar (11:16 am)

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