Kansas State Treasurer Identifies $4.2 Million in Unclaimed Property for Saline County Residents

Kansas State Treasurer Identifies $4.2 Million in Unclaimed Property for Saline County Residents
Left to Right: State Senator J.R. Claeys, State Treasurer Steven Johnson, & Deputy Unclaimed Property Director, Dondie Meyer

The State Treasurer's Office in Kansas has identified unclaimed property worth over $4.2 million for 53,000 owners in Saline County. State Treasurer Steven Johnson, who began his term in January, has been working with county treasurers, including Saline County Treasurer Jim DuBois, to help residents reclaim their assets.

The State Treasurer's Office has released a list of the top 50 individuals and organizations with significant sums of unclaimed property. Those listed are due a minimum of $8,400 each.

This information coincides with an update on the Unclaimed Property program. Since its start in 1979, the State Treasurer's Office has returned more than $400 million in lost property. Currently, the office holds about $500 million in unclaimed assets.

The variety of unclaimed property includes payroll checks, refunds, overpayments, money orders, dormant bank accounts, stocks and bonds, safe deposit box contents, and insurance proceeds. There isn't a deadline to claim these funds, ensuring they are available indefinitely to the rightful owner or their heirs.

"Kansans have hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed property that our state treasurer holds until it is claimed," said Senator J.R. Claeys. "This event is a great way to inform residents of Saline and Dickinson County that they may have money from an escrow account or a refund from a utility that they weren't aware of during a move."

State Treasurer Johnson has advised residents to use the official State Treasurer's website, www.KansasCash.ks.gov, for searching and filing claims at no cost. He also warned the public about potential scams related to unclaimed property and recommended using state resources.

The recent identification of unclaimed property in Saline County underlines the importance of the initiative and the State Treasurer's Office's efforts to return lost financial assets to Kansans.

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