Teen Escapes Attempted Aggravated Kidnapping in East Salina

Teen Escapes Attempted Aggravated Kidnapping in East Salina
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A teen escapes the grasp of an alleged kidnapper over the weekend.

Captain Forrester says that the incident occurred on at Dillons, 1325 E Cloud, on Friday, April 28. At 9:10 pm, a 17-year-old female, who is an employee at the grocery store, had just finished her shift. She was reportedly purchasing an item in the self checkout lane, when a subject approached her. The subject is described as a white male wearing a blue stocking cap, red shirt, blue jean shorts, and white shoes. He allegedly displayed a large knife that was in a sheath on his belt. The suspect allegedly pulled the knife half way out, grabbed the victim's hand, and attempted to get her out of the store. The victim was able to get away from his grasp and reported the incident to another employee, who called the police.

The alleged subject was last seen pushing a gray bicycle away from the scene.

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