Team Relay Race Added To Marathon

Team Relay Race Added To Marathon

The Team Relay sponsored by First Bank Kansas has been added to the Salina Crossroads Marathon on November 5, 2022.

The Relay Race is a team event dividing the Half Marathon into 3 legs and the Full Marathon into 6 legs.  The legs will be 3.6 miles, 4.3 miles, and 5.2 miles.  Teams will be broken up into divisions including all Male, all Female, Mixed, and Corporate.  The relay is an opportunity to run with friends, family, or coworkers; either competitively or just for the fun of it  

Divisions -  There will multiple divisions for the Team Relay.  We will have an all-male division, all-female division, mixed division, and the Corporate division.

“I am especially excited about the Corporate Division.  Grab some coworkers and rep your Company." said Andew Manley, First Bank Kansas  

“We have a really strong 5k running community.  Our goal is to make this event fun and accessible to all.  We understand everyone may not be interested in running the Full or the Half, or may not be ready yet.  The Team Relay is an opportunity to split the Full or Half into smaller sections where you, your friends, family, or coworkers can team up.”  

Each section varies in length and difficulty, so you can choose what each team member wants to run.

The Salina Crossroads Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifying Full Marathon (2 loops), Half Marathon and a 4.01k as a fun run twist to coordinate with the race's financial theme. The race will include live music, scenic routes past Salina's new murals and be full of excitement and fun.

First Bank Kansas is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to the communities they serve and are proud sponsors of The Crossroads Marathon because it showcases Salina, Downtown, and our strong running community.

Acoording to a representative from the bank, "Salina has a ton to be proud of, especially everything that has been done downtown.  We want to keep this momentum going.  We are thrilled to support this event that will engage our own running community and bring people from all around to this fast, flat Boston qualifier."

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