Man Arrested for Robbery & Criminal Threat at Pump Mart

Man Arrested for Robbery & Criminal Threat at Pump Mart
Michael Hamen, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page

On Friday, June 30, at 7:01 am, officers responded to Pump Mart at 1119 N 9th, for a possible robbery.

An individual identified as 41-year-old Michael Hamen of Salina, allegedly went to Pump Mart and had a verbal exchange with the clerk. During the exchange, the victim reportedly pulled out his cell phone and began filming Hamen.

Hamen allegedly took the victim's phone from his hand. When the victim attempted to get the phone back, Hamen allegedly grabbed the right side of his pocket and said that he had a gun. The victim then stopped reaching for his phone. Michael allegedly fled on a bike. Inside the phone case was also $26 in cash.

Officers allegedly located Hamen on a bike in the 200 block of S College. Allegedly in his possession was the phone and money. Hamen was arrested on the following requested charges:

  • Robbery
  • Criminal Threat
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