SPD Announces Retirement of Officer Rupert

Dec 31, 2021 1 min read
SPD Announces Retirement of Officer Rupert

Retirement for one of our Finest!

On December 30th, 2021, SPD held a retirement ceremony for Officer Brent Rupert. There was a packed house of former and current officers and employees, Citizen Academy alumni, and others from various police departments and the community. Chief Brad Nelson presented Brent with his retirement badge, a plaque, and he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Assistant US Attorney’s Office in Topeka. December 31st 2021, is Brent’s official last day as a Salina Police Officer.

Officer Rupert joined the Salina Police Department as a Police Cadet from 1989-1991.

Officer Rupert started his career with the Salina Police Department on October 16th, 1994, working in Communications as a dispatcher. He was a Reserve Deputy with the Saline County Sheriff from 1998 until he transferred to Patrol with the Salina Police Department in October 1999.

From October 1999-December 2021, Officer Rupert served as a Patrol Officer, Traffic Officer, Accident Reconstructionist, Rifle Qualified Officer, Warrants Officer, Field Training Officer, Master Patrol Officer, Detective for the I-135/I-70 Drug Task Force, Patrol Sergeant, and as a Traffic/K-9 Sergeant. During his career, Officer Rupert received several commendations and the Silver Valor Award for the Saving of a Human Life in 1998. He was also named the State of Kansas Narcotic Officer of the Year in 2014.

Officer Rupert is remembered as a pro-active and enthusiastic officer, dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Salina. Brent emphasized he can now spend more time with his wonderful family.

He will be missed.

Congrats Brent on your retirement. You have certainly earned it!

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