Sheriff's Office Announces Change in Inmate Postal Mail Delivery

Sheriff's Office Announces Change in Inmate Postal Mail Delivery
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The Saline County Jail has contracted with Smart Communications to provide MailGuard electronic mail services.

The changes are being made to streamline the operations of the Sheriff's Office, improve communications, and ensure the safety and well-being of inmated and staff.

MailGuard is a quick and efficient way for inmates to receive letters and photos electronically.

Effective May 3, 2023, inmate postal mail must be sent to the following address:

Smart Communications/Saline Co. Jail
Adam Smith #123456 (example inmate)
PO Box 9174
Seminole, FL ย 33775-9174

Any mail received at the facility after May 3, 2023, will be returned to sender.

The inmate's name and booking/ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or post card to ensure the mail is posted to the current account.

All regular inmate postal mail (postcards, letters, greeting cards, etc.) will be scanned into the system and available to the inmates to view their postal mail via the kiosks.

Friends and family members are encouraged to subscribe to MailGuard Tracker. Sign up for a free account and view delivery status, receive notifications if your mail is rejected, and download copies of mail that has been received and processed.

Upon release, inmates can log into the public website and enter their inmate number and password to download their photos, messages, and postal mail for free.

Legal mail, court documents, bank statements, and publications will continue to be sent to the facility directly at PO Box 1606, Salina, KS 67402.

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