Saline County Awards 2023 Oliver Hagg Scholarship

Saline County Awards 2023 Oliver Hagg Scholarship
Photo by Dan Meyers / Unsplash
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Approximately 31 years ago a gentleman by the name of Oliver Hagg willed to Saline County 1,100 acres of farm ground.

In his will Mr. Hagg stated that it was his wish that the land be used for conservation and education.

There have been numerous projects done on the farm over the years, but one of the most important of these was in 2001 when Saline County established the Oliver Hagg Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year a renewable $1,000 Scholarship is awarded to a Saline County High School Senior.

The criteria for this scholarship is community involvement, strong schoolwork ethics and the applicant’s desire to continue his/her post secondary education in the field of agriculture.

2023 Oliver Hagg Scholarship Winners:

Meryn Came-Ell-Saline High School
Luke Gebhardt-Southeast of Saline High School
Alisha Will-Salina Central High School
Ava Zerger-Cloud Academy
Blake Holmes-Centre K-12 School

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