Salina311 Business Membership

Salina311 Business Membership
Photo by Jason Goodman 

Business Memberships are growing rapidly with Salina311. The benefits for business owners/managers is also increasing as we work hand-in-hand with our Business Members to create a marketing/advertising plan that will accelerate presence in the community and is unique to each businesses needs.

Business Members will benefit from feature articles on all platforms, professional photographers at events, links and ads on our online Business Membership list, opportunities to attend and promote your business at our subscriber events, etc.

Subscriber events are being planned at Rolling Hills Zoo and Stiefel Theatre. Business Member Networking events are also being planned at Salina Country Club.

At our Publishing Partner, you will also receive the VIP package. With this  you will get exclusive invitations to events, direct publishing to for specials, announcements, promotions, education about your industry/product, etc. Also, all VIP Publishing Partners will be rotated as sponsors online as well as on the Daily Email News Briefings (this will begin in April). This is a value of over $2,500 per month.

Businesses Publisher Partner/VIP level, will also be included in any new platforms that Salina311 creates throughout the end of the year. For example, we are rolling out a new point program soon for subscribers. Each Salina311 Business Member will have a QR Code at their register for Salina311 subscribers to scan and earn "Visit Points". Subscribers can then cash in accrued points for rewards that are provided by Salina311. Another example is our texting platform, currently in testing phase. Subscribers can send texts our published number such as "healthy food" or "smoothie" and will receive a text  back recommending local "Smoothie Business" that participates in our membership network.

Another thing Salina311 does to promote our Business Members, is post online that the first 15 customers to "Your Business" (for example) on Friday, (insert date) will receive a free PRODUCT paid for by Salina311. We also purchase gift cards from our members for online contests.

Memberships begin at $200/mo and include a subscription to the weekly newspaper along with a full color ad every week featuring your business. For more information about becoming a Business Member with Salina311 or to inquire about our 30 Day Launch Package for new or existing businesses that need to accelerate community presence, please email

Learn more about Salina311 HERE.

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