Salina Woman Cited After "Vote Yes" Signs Damaged

Salina Woman Cited After "Vote Yes" Signs Damaged

It is noted that the pictures within this article were sent to Salina311 by a citizen as those of damaged signs from around Salina, but do not necessarily represent the locations of damaged signs given by SPD

A Salina woman was cited after allegedly damaging signs around Salina.

Captain Hanus says that on July 3 between 7-8:30 pm, dispatch received multiple reports of damage to property around town in regards to signs in front yards. The signs or stands were damaged in eight different cases, all displaying "vote yes." Information provided led officers to locate a person associated with a vehicle that was reported to be in the area of the following eight cases:

  • 1000 S 9th
  • 1800 Highland
  • 2000 Highland
  • 100 W Wayne
  • 2000 Simmons
  • 500 W Republic
  • 400 W Republic
  • 2000 Starlite

Officers cited Daphne Hass, 34 years old of Salina, on eight counts of damage to property.

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