Salina Man's Truck Returned After It Was Allegedly Stolen

Salina Man's Truck Returned After It Was Allegedly Stolen

A vehicle was reported stolen from north Salina on Monday, January 3, just before 11 pm.

The owner of the vehicle is an 84-year-old man from Salina. He reportedly had his work truck parked in the 700 block of N Broadway. A neighbor notified him a little after 10 pm that someone had allegedly stolen his truck, a white 2000 Chevy 1500, valued at $6,000.

Just three hours later, on January 4 at 1:20 am, officers observed the pickup in the 2100 block of East Crawford. A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver was identified as Napolean Svendblad-Valladares, III, a 41-year-old man from Salina.

Svendblad-Valladares was arrested on the following requested charge:

  • Felony possession of stolen property

The truck was returned to the owner undamaged.

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