SPD Officer Injured After Scuffle with Possible Protection from Abuse Violator

SPD Officer Injured After Scuffle with Possible Protection from Abuse Violator
Simon Crowder, photo from Saline County Sheriff Booking Page
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On Saturday, June 24 at 3:22 pm, an officer was dispatched to Dominos, 1621 S Ohio. On arrival, the officer made contact with a 21-year-old female from Salina, who reported than an acquaintance, with him she had a protection from abuse order, had reportedly violated that order.

While the officer was interviewing the victim, the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Simon Crowder of Salina, allegedly drove through the parking lot and left northbound on Ohio. The officer began to pursue him. As Crowder was driving, he was allegedly driving his motorcycle recklessly. A Good Samaritan recognized this and attempted to follow.

The officer arrived at McAdams and Ohio and saw the witness and Crowder stopped, and attempted to arrest Crowder for allegedly violating the protection order as well as the reckless driving. Crowder allegedly began struggling with the officer, during which the officer hit his head on a street sign pole. The officer suffered a 6" gash that required staples.

Several other officers responded and took Crowder into custody. He allegedly continued to fight, so was placed in a body wrap. Crowder was arrested on the following requested charges:

  • Aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer
  • Battery on a law enforcement officer
  • Felony interference with law enforcement
  • Aggravated intimidation of a witness
  • Violation of protection from abuse order
  • Reckless driving
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