Salina Man Arrested After Alleged Fire Causes Multiple Property Damages

Salina Man Arrested After Alleged Fire Causes Multiple Property Damages
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A Salina man was arrested on requested charges after an alleged fire causes multiple property damages.

Captain Forrester says that on April 5 at 1:10 am, officers and fire crew were sent to the 100 block of S 10 for a reported vehicle. A white 2 door vehicle was fully engulfed when responders arrived. At the time, it was unknown who owned the vehicle. Witnesses advised that it might be someone by the name of Josh, who may live a nearby apartment. Officers were unable to make contact with anyone, but did find a motorcycle in the parking lot registered to 42-year-old Joshua Blex, of Salina.

On April 5 at 11 pm, an officer returned to the address and allegedly observed a subject later identified at Blex, standing in the parking lot with a glass jar full of gasoline. The device was allegedly a molotov cocktail. Blex was detained at this point.

Officers returned to the scene on April 6 and discovered a vinyl fence, in the vicinity of the vehicle fire, sustained $600 damage. Officers also met with a subject who had parked their 2000 Pontiac Sunfire near the vehicle that was on fire, and it had sustained $1,000 damage. They also discovered overhead lines, one of which was a Cox cable line, was destroyed. Estimated damage was $50. A 2007 Dodge Durango was also found that had its right rear tire slashed with a sharp instrument, with $100 damage.

Through the investigation, enough information was developed to arrest Blex on the following requested charges:

  • 3 counts Arson
  • Criminal Use of Explosive Device
  • Criminal Damage to Property

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