Salina Fire Department Celebrates Promotions with Heartwarming Ceremony

Salina Fire Department Celebrates Promotions with Heartwarming Ceremony
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In a remarkable display of appreciation and recognition, the Salina Fire Department held a prestigious promotion ceremony this week, elevating the ranks of eight outstanding individuals. The event drew a crowd of enthusiastic friends, family members, and members of the community who gathered together to honor these remarkable achievers.

Leading the ceremony, Chief Sneidar took to the podium and expressed his utmost admiration for the honorees. He remarked, "It's truly an honor to stand before you and celebrate the accomplishments of these members of the Salina Fire Department. Their dedication to serving others with dignity, respect, and compassion is highly commendable. Their drive in becoming integral in the organization and to each other is apparent. Their responsibilities to each other has increased tremendously."

Chief Sneidar emphasized the pivotal roles these promoted individuals will now undertake. He stated, "When you think about what we do, those responsibilities are not only to self, their team members, but also to the public whom we serve. not only have you increased your responsibilities to all the members of your team, but you also become a human resource professional, a risk manager, a health and safety officer, a training officer, a fire prevention officer, a facilities and apparatus manager, a supervisor, and a leader."

In his speech, Chief Sneidar also highlighted the indispensable support of family. He acknowledged the sacrifices made by the members of the Salina Fire Department and how crucial their loved ones' backing is to their success. "Missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries... Without the support of family, they would be challenged to succeed," he emphasized.

The promotion ceremony showcased the following outstanding officers who have risen through the ranks, embodying the Salina Fire Department's commitment to excellence:

  • Captain Christopher Stansberry, promoted to Battalion Chief
  • Interim Captain Eric Clayton, promoted to Captain
  • Interim Lieutenant Shane Richards, promoted to Lieutenant
  • Interim Engineer Jordan Werner, promoted to Engineer
  • EMT/Firefighter Colton Burk, promoted to Paramedic/Firefighter
  • EMT/Firefighter Kaj Sjogren, promoted to Paramedic/Firefighter
  • EMT/Firefighter Thomas Ross, promoted to Paramedic/Firefighter
  • EMT/Firefighter Dalton Arbuckle, promoted to Paramedic/Firefighter

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