Salina Education Foundation Announces New Executive Director, Kate Lindsay

Salina Education Foundation Announces New Executive Director, Kate Lindsay

A well-known presence, Kate Lindsay is back and excited to serve the school and community after a three-month retirement. She retired from the position as head of theatre at Salina High School South after 35 years. But, she wasn’t finished quite yet.

“I’m beyond excited to work with the educational foundation in their focus to support teachers in providing the best care and education for students at Salina Public Schools,” explained Lindsay.

She grew up in Brookville and graduated from Marymount College. In 2016, she joined the Salina Teacher Leadership Academy, where she received her master’s in Educational Leadership from Kansas State University.

Lindsay has been active in the Salina community by supporting organizations such as Theatre Salina, Women Helping Women, CAPS, and The Smoky Hill River Festival. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends & family, going to see theatre productions (Salina to NYC), Ted Lasso, a good Wordle score, and beautiful Kansas sunsets.

As a former teacher, she has had first-hand experience with the impact the Salina Education Foundation makes on teachers and students. “Whether it was a theatre full of kindergarteners watching performances or hundreds of students working with 305LIVE, the Salina Education Foundation helps bring dreams, aspirations and creativity alive – for teachers and students!”

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