City Seeks Neighborhood Improvement Funding to Enhance Residential Properties

The City of Salina is actively seeking neighborhood improvement funding to empower local residents in enhancing their homes. In order to qualify for this funding opportunity, the City must meet certain eligibility criteria, including the requirement of documented interest from the public. To demonstrate this interest, homeowners and landlords are encouraged to complete a brief survey provided by the City. By participating, residents pave the way for potential improvements that could enhance the quality of their homes.

The City of Salina recognizes the significance of investing in residential areas and believes that this funding opportunity will enable homeowners and landlords to make meaningful enhancements to their properties. The survey serves as a crucial step towards obtaining these funds, allowing residents to actively contribute to the revitalization of their neighborhoods.

By seizing this opportunity, residents can seize the chance to improve their homes and enhance the overall quality of life in Salina. The City encourages all eligible homeowners and landlords to participate in the survey as a unified effort towards neighborhood improvement.

The link to the survey can be found at

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