Remembering the Shellabarger Mill

Remembering the Shellabarger Mill
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Dating back to 1910, the Shellabarger Mill's iconic Mission-style office building still stands tall next to the mill, serving as a captivating reminder of a bygone era. Complete with multiple offices, a vault, and even a truck scale, this architectural gem was no small feat, boasting a price tag of over $6,000 at the time of its construction.

The office building, captured in a captivating photograph from the museum's collection, offers a glimpse into the bustling activity that once took place within its walls. Back in its around 1948, as pictured, it stood as a testament to the thriving industrial landscape that defined the region.

However, as the mill eventually faced its own decline, the office building mirrored its fate. In 1968, both the mill and the once-bustling office space were simultaneously abandoned, marking the end of an era.

Today, this remarkable structure serves as a valuable piece of local history, evoking nostalgia and curiosity among those who pass by. As time marches on, preserving and appreciating these remnants of the past becomes increasingly important, reminding us of the stories and legacies that shaped our communities.

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