Over $50,000 Loss & Damage in ATM Theft

Over $50,000 Loss & Damage in ATM Theft

Over $50,000 in loss and damage after thieves steal an ATM with a stolen truck, run it into a building, and run off with the cash box.

Captain Hanus says that an alarm was received on Friday, May 5, at 4:14 am, at 2061 S Ohio, or Great Plains Federal Credit Union. Officers arrived at 4:17 am and located a red 2000 Ford F250 south of the bank, lodged in the wall of 2069 S Ohio, or Salina Family Vision. Also at the scene were chains and hooks believed to have been used in pulling the ATM free from its base. The cash box of the ATM was missing.

Officers checked the vehicles tag, and observed that the ignition had appeared to have been tempered with. On going to the home of the registered over of the vehicle, officers awoke a 51-year-old male. On inquiry and further investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle appeared to have been stolen. The vehicle was stolen from the 2100 block of Linden Dr.

The value of the ATM machine itself is $45,000. The truck is valued at $5,000. There was an unknown amount of damage to the wall of Salina Family Vision. The building was inspected by City inspectors and deemed safe for use.

Witnesses in the area reported seeing 2 or 3 shorter males at the time of this incident. Officers are reviewing video surveillance in the area and asking anyone with any information or video evidence in either location to call the Salina Police Department.

Captain Hanus says that it's believed this incident could be at the hands of an organized crime ring that travels the country, perpetuating this kind of crime. As such, the KBI is assisting in this investigation.

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