UPDATE: Suspect Arrested in Reported Home Invasion

UPDATE: Suspect Arrested in Reported Home Invasion

UPDATE: A suspect believed to be involved in the alleged home invasion was arrested by Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office on Friday, November 10. 41-year-old Phyroom Ketkan will be extradited back to Saline County on his requested charges.

ORIGINAL: A home invasion was reported in north Salina on September 19, at 9:18 pm.

Officers were sent to the 300 block of N Penn where they met with 4 victims, 3 adults and a child. They reported that while they were in the home, there was a knock at the back door. On answering it, a masked subject with a long gun pointed it at them, and came into the house. A victim rushed the person with the gun, and a struggle began.

A second subject had a large butcher knife, and was swinging it at the victim who rushed the gun holder. The subjects were apparently asking for money. After the struggle inside the house, both subjects fled the scene.

The victim had lacerations to their head and shoulder from the knife. One of the victims was able to identify a subject as someone they knew.

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