Microsurfacing Work Continues

Microsurfacing Work Continues

On Monday through Friday, August 7th through 11th, Vance Brothers of Kansas City, Missouri will resurface the following City of Salina streets, weather permitting:

Local roads will be closed to traffic during construction for a period not to exceed 8 am -5 pm. Residents will be provided sufficient notice of closures and special requests will be accommodated. Arterials and collectors will be resurfaced under traffic.

Microsurfacing is a common method of pavement surface treatment which consists of a polymer modified asphalt slurry (about 3/8 inch thick) that coats the pavement surface and creates a smooth moisture-resistant barrier. It also increases ride-ability and seals smaller cracks. When combined with  proper pavement sealing, micro-surfacing extends the service life of the roadway. Streets are estimated for microsurfacing on a 6 to 8 year cycle at an estimated cost of about $5,000 per block.

The $893,000 project is a major component of the City of Salina's $4.7 million 2023 maintenance capital improvement program.

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