If you are looking into insulation options for a new build, upgrade or existing structure, the benefits of spray foam insulation are numerous and definitely worth looking in to.

1. COOLING AND HEATING BENEFITS: A unique ability about spray foam is that it gets into small cracks and crevices. It expands and dries quickly, blocking air (hot or cold) and water.  Spray foam might even lower your  heating and cooling bills.

2. NOISE REDUCTION: Reduce noise going out and coming into the walls of your building with spray foam insulation. Open cells inside of the foam minimize noise either way. Ideal for those that value privacy

3. BUGS AND RODENTS CAN'T GET IN: Keep the spiders, ants and small rodents outside where they belong! Since the spray foam gets hard in event the smallest crevices, it is a great barrier against unwanted tiny visitors in your home.

4. POLLEN AND ALLERGENS STAY OUTSIDE: When air filled with pollen and allergens can't get through a strong spray foamed wall, they can't get to you. Spray foam insulation reduces the number of allergens therefore helping those who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. Imagine an office that has spray foam insulation versus other types. Reduced sneezing, reduced sick days, reduced germ spread.

5. STRONGER WALL STRUCTURE: Closed cell insulation can actually make your walls stronger to help withstand strong winds, heavy snowstorms and even earthquakes. When the Kansas wind blows, the spray foam insulation is holding all the pieces of your structure together like really strong glue.

6. PREVENTS MOLD AND MILDREW GROWTH: Spray foam is preventative in letting moisture inside of your building. When an attic is also spray foam insulated, it might even save a roof during storms. All of these factor in to preventing mold and mildew growth.

7. LONGER LASTING:  Spray foam insulation doesn't sag, break or bunch over time like styrofoam or fiberglass. Therefore, may cost more originally, but could potentially save quite a bit of money on energy bills and frequent replacement.

8. ECO-FRIENDLY: It is green, it reduces energy costs, it protects against mildrew and mold growth, it consumes less materials. You're welcome, earth!

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