Lakewood Park's New Playground Dedicated Through City of Salina & Great Plains Manufacturing Partnership

Lakewood Park's New Playground Dedicated Through City of Salina & Great Plains Manufacturing Partnership
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A vibrant new playground at Lakewood Park was officially dedicated on Friday, June 2, showcasing the strong collaboration between the City of Salina and Great Plains Manufacturing. The joint effort resulted in the creation of a beautiful space that promises years of enjoyment for the community's children.

Stephanie Gillig, Events and Community Initiatives Director at the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, expressed her pride in the community's support and emphasized that the playground exemplifies Salina's remarkable spirit. Having recently relocated from the Wichita area, Gillig highlighted Salina's numerous attractions. "I'm so proud to be a part of this community, as I know we all are," she exclaimed.

Mayor Mike Hoppock, reflecting on the city's commitment to enhancing its parks, acknowledged the significance of public-private partnerships in Salina's history. Hoppock mentioned a previous parks master plan and credited former city employee Chris Cotton for initiating discussions with Great Plains Manufacturing. The mayor commended John Quinley, a dedicated Salina resident and retired from Great Plains' division, Land Pride, for spearheading the project in collaboration with the city. Hoppock expressed his gratitude towards Great Plains Manufacturing and the Applequist family for their generous donation, which made the playground's construction possible. "This remarkable endeavor is a testament to the community's pride and willingness to invest in its future," Mayor Hoppock remarked.

The President and CEO of Great Plains Manufacturing, David Disberger, expressed his excitement at partnering with Roy Applequist and his family to fund the creation of this exceptional playground. Reflecting on Great Plains' longstanding commitment to Salina, he emphasized how community support has enabled the company to thrive and undertake such meaningful projects. "We're certainly very thankful to be here," he added.

The newly dedicated playground at Lakewood Park serves as a testament to the vibrant community spirit of Salina and the power of collaboration between the city and private entities. This state-of-the-art recreational space is poised to become a cherished destination for children and families in Salina for generations to come.

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