Trouble Logging In? How To Guide

Trouble Logging In? How To Guide

We've heard from a few members that they've had trouble logging in to view stories so we wanted to provide a guide for how and why there are issues popping up.

Why is it happening?

This issue is primarily impacting users on iOS and clicking links from Facebook/Twitter.

The issue is that a recent iOS update blocked the ability to store cookies inside of a "webview", which is what happens when you click a link from inside of the Facebook app. Cookies are the way that sites/apps allow you to remain logged in. This was said to be done for "privacy" but it was really just a way to force everyone to stay inside of apps that Apple controls and monetizes. They have very little control over the open web.

"I Don't Want To Log In"

We understand that logging into websites and apps is a pain. The reason we are requiring this is because, if we don't, then we are all at the mercy of the tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google. If we don't have a connection to you directly, the tech giants can control the flow of information from us. They can block our stories from showing up for you (as you are their product), or just reduce the chance you see our stories, unless we pay them to "boost" our posts. While you might not think this is important, if you care about local information then you should understand that without a user-system, we are all the mercy of organizations that have no stake in this city/county/state.

The Solutions

The simplest solution is just to log in via your browser: Safari, Chrome, etc. You'll login once and as long as you don't have extreme security settings, you'll be able to remain logged in.

For those who still want to use the Facebook app on iOS, you can simple open links to the story you are interested in reading, then copy the link, and open it inside of your browser where you logged in (pictures below):

We know this isn't ideal, but in order to build a local news source that is truly independent, this is the best solution right now.

(Note: We are testing new technologies that will make this simpler).

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