Helping Farmers Take Care of Our Community

Helping Farmers Take Care of Our Community
Photo by Samuel Myles / Unsplash

26-year-old Ashley Kolb has been working at Farm Bureau for two years. Originally from Lake of the Ozarks, Ashley moved to Kansas with her father during her freshman year of high school. She has always been involved in community activities since moving here, especially with her 5-year-old son, attending events around town and working with clients at Farm Bureau. Ashley values the family connection at Farm Bureau and the hardworking, good-hearted people who are often unrecognized for their efforts.

After her son was born, Ashley wanted to ensure that he would be taken care of, so she obtained a life policy through Farm Bureau. Impressed with the company's values and commitment to the community, she joined the team a year later. Living in Salina is very different from her upbringing, but Ashley appreciates the supportive community, increased opportunities, and access to education.

Working at Farm Bureau feels right for Ashley, and she enjoys making contacts and being a part of something larger than herself. While farming may be second nature for those who grew up on a farm, it's an eye-opener for those who didn't. Ashley has learned firsthand the impact that farmers have on their communities and how important their work is in providing food for tables across the country.

Farming is a family business that instills values of hard work and community. It's not just about making money, but also about providing for others and ensuring their survival. It's easy for people to often take for granted where their food comes from, and Ashley encourages others to learn more about the farming industry and what goes into it.

In Kansas, farming is all around us, and the community is always willing to help achieve goals and point in the right direction. Ashley, and those at Farm Bureau, sees farming as an honest and valuable way of life that should be continued for generations to come.

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