Georgetown Santas Return After A Year Off

Georgetown Santas Return After A Year Off
Photo by Jennifer Lamer

Salina's favorite Santas are back!

Photo by Danton McDiffett

After a year off due to Covid concerns, the Georgetown Santas have strung the lights, have the popcorn ready, and the Santa Shack in place.

Photo by Danton McDiffett

For anyone not familiar with Georgetown Santas, you're in for a treat. Located in the 2300 block of Georgetown, in east Salina, what started out as a simple gesture has turned into a beautiful gift for everyone to enjoy.

Photo by Danton McDiffett

According to the Georgetown Santas website, the tradition began in 1999. Santa Jack (each neighborhood Santa is known as Santa first name) in his driveway and waved at people as they passed by, looking at the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood. Next, he handed out candy. The following year, Santa Paul joined the Christmas fun. Three years later, the group was up to five Santas and a handful of elves who began handing out popcorn, as well as candy.

Photo by Danton McDiffett

By then, you could say that the tradition was official.

Photo by Danton McDiffett

This year, 22 years later, the Santas are expecting close to 6,000 people to drive by for a glimpse of the Christmas scene. To make sure that these people are smiling when they leave means that:

  • 350 lbs of popcorn kernels will be popped
  • 12 gallons of popcorn oil will be used
  • 9 large tubs of candy will be handed out
  • 4 neighborhood Santas will be saying hello to kids and adults through car windows
  • 7 Santa helpers, also known as Elves, are on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly and that the popcorn doesn't run short

Anyone is welcome to drive down the street, and Georgetown Santas and Elves will walk up to your vehicle, and talk to your kids. The Santas are out on Tuesday, December 21 - Thursday, December 23, from 6:30 pm - 9 pm each night.

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