County Commission Upholds Recommended Budget, Denies New Position

County Commission Upholds Recommended Budget, Denies New Position

At Tuesday's County Commission Meeting, Commissioners discussed the budget direction and decision on appeals.

Request for Action

Local governments are required by statute to adopt a budget for the succeeding calendar year between mid-August and late September each year. In order to meet this timeline, County departments submitted requests to the County Administrator by the beginning of May. These requests were presented to the Commission on May 23 and reviewed by Commissioners in study session on May 30. On June 20, the County Administrator presented his recommended budget, and on June 27 the Commission received the requested budgets from the special districts. By June 30, one department notified the Administrator of intent to appeal his recommendation. This appeal was heard by the Commission on July 11. At Tuesday's meeting, staff requested that the Commission decide on the appeal as well as provide any other direction or final questions the Commission needs prior to publication of the final budget for public hearing and adoption in August.

Budget Impact

The recommended budget for expenditures across all budgeted County funds totals $66,124,326.

The commission voted 4-0 to uphold the County Administrator's recommend budget, which does not include the position for the county clerks office. Commissioners Vidricksen was not present.

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