County Commission Approves Purchase of Harshman Aggregates

County Commission Approves Purchase of Harshman Aggregates

At Tuesday's County Commission meeting, Commissioners heard a request to allow Road and Bridge to purchase SS-5 aggregates from Harshman Construction in Florence, Kansas for $11 per ton with Jesse Knight Trucking hauling the material for $15 a ton. This would make the delivered price $26 per ton. The Department would like to purchase 5,000 tons with an option for another 5,000 tons. The total cost of this request is $130,000 with an option to purchase another $130,000 depending on the availability of materials.

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There is also an availability to purchase an SS-3 product that is of a smaller gradation. The Department would like to purchase some of this also at the same price. The quantities would remain the same. The Department would order the product that best suit its needs.

Department Staff recommended awarding the purchase of 5,000 tons of SS-5 from Harshman Construction. Hamm quarries was sent a Notice of Price Acceptance for the 2023 aggregates on November 29, 2022. They have failed to produce any material that meets the specified gradation as set out in the bid proposal. They also cannot give a date for delivery. Their bid was $25.95 delivered to the Saline County yard.

Staff has been in contact with Harshmans and Knight trucking and they have agreed to honor the price set out in their bid in November 2022 which is $0.05 per ton more and have the material for delivery.

Budget Impact
The purchase would come from the Road Gravel (unencumbered balance of $295,230.83) and Contractual Haul (unencumbered balance of $196,645.91) line items.

The motion was approved 4-1, with Chairman Vidricksen voting nay.

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