County Commission Approves Fee Increase for Indigent Cremations

County Commission Approves Fee Increase for Indigent Cremations
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At Tuesday's County Commission Meeting, Commissioners heard a request for action on indigent fees.

Request for Action In 2011 the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 11-2066 that established reasonable cremation or burial fees and guidelines for determining factors for an unclaimed body. In 2022, County Administration was approached by one of the mortuaries requesting that the $750 fee that was established by that Resolution be increased to $1,000.

Information was brought to the Commission on April 11 and June 6 about the history of the fee establishment, what other counties’ fees are, and alternative options.

This request for action is to make an Amendment to Resolution 11-2066 that increases the fee for indigent cremations to $1,000.

Budget Impact For the past 11 years, Saline County has seen an average of 7 indigent cases a year, which would increase costs by $1,750. Indigent cases are paid for out of the Coroner’s budget. There will be a small cost associated with the publication of the Resolution.

The motion was approved 5-0.

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