County Commission Approves Bridge Approval Contact

County Commission Approves Bridge Approval Contact
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At Tuesday's County Commission Meeting, Commissioners heard a request for action on a contract approval for Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program.

Request for Action

Saline County was awarded funds by the Kansas Department of Transportation through a program called “The Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program (KLBIP). This program will fund 85% of construction costs up to $350,000. Two bridge replacements on McReynolds Road between Halstead Road and Fairchilds Road was submitted for funding. The project includes removing the existing bridges and constructing a concrete low water crossing at each location.

Saline County was also awarded a onetime payment of $50,000 for the removal of a bridge located on Lapsley Road just west of Old Hwy. 81. This project will also remove the existing bridge and construct a concrete low water crossing.

See the attached map for project locations. These projects are still in the design development stage. Engineering is anticipating construction in late fall/winter of this year.

In order to accept the funds, the Board of County Commissioners must approve and sign the attached agreement (Project No. 85 C-5216-01) between KDOT and Saline County.

Budget Impact

The KLBIP is a reimbursement program. Therefore, local funds must pay for the initial construction estimated at $535,000. These costs will be paid for out of the 125 Account – Special Bridge Fund (2-mil). This account has a current unencumbered balance of $1,367,836.16.

The reimbursement funds will go into the Road and Bridge 127 Account – Special Highway Improvement Fund.

The contract approval was approved 4-0. Commissioner Hay was not present.

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