County Commission Approves Purchase of Rural Fire Vehicle Tools

County Commission Approves Purchase of Rural Fire Vehicle Tools
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At Tuesday's County Commission meeting, Commissioners heard a request from Saline County Rural Fire District #5 requests approval to purchasing hydraulic tools/Milwaukee tools for vehicle rescues within the County and District.

Staff requests purchasing:

- One (1) TNT Extension Ram with Accessory kits
- One (1) TNT Hydraulic Spreader
- One (1) Milwaukee Super Sawzall
- One (1) Milwaukee Light tower
- One (1) Milwaukee Six pack 110v charging system
- One (1) 4 pack 12amp Milwaukee Batteries

Staff recommends TNT rescue tools as well as Milwaukee because of the interoperability with Salina Fire Department as well as other surrounding departments equipment and tools. The total cost for acquiring the equipment would be approximately $22,315.00.

Budget Impact

Budget impact initially would be a 10% down payment of $2,200.00 with an annual payment of $4,808.88 over the next five years. This payment would be taken from the department 039-155-840000 Lease Purchase Payments line item annually. The initial down payment would be paid from the departments Special Equipment Fund.

The motion was approved 5-0.

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