Sunrise Presbyterian Church Distributes Commodities: Next Giveaway on May 17

Sunrise Presbyterian Church has announced its next commodities giveaway on May 17 from 9-10 am at the 4-H Building. The church can be reached at their new phone number, 1-785-416-9352.

To receive the free food items, individuals will need to provide a Saline County photo I.D. and proof of income for one month. If picking up for someone else, their information will also be required.

The food items being distributed include corn, frozen blueberries, rice, canned pork, navy beans, canned carrots, rolled oats, apple juice, cream of chicken soup, canned veggie beans, canned kidney beans, canned green beans, applesauce, canned potatoes, cream of wheat, almonds, and walnuts.

The maximum gross income standards for eligibility are $1,473 per month for one person and $513 for each additional family member. Only one box per household is permitted.

This program is an equal opportunity institution.

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