City Commission Approves Acceptance of Proposed Easement

City Commission Approves Acceptance of Proposed Easement
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The City Commission convened on Monday to contemplate the acceptance of a proposed easement dedication from the Kathleen Bradley Trust. This dedication is intended to serve Yost Addition No. 2, aiming at replatting of Lot 1, Block 1 of the Yost Addition into three individual building lot. The affected property is a 19.90-acre tract situated at the southwest corner of the Water Well Road - 1-135 interchange.

In 2002, the Yost Trust, together with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), sought rezoning and annexation for 133 acres located at the same corner. Consequently, approval was granted for the creation of five lots on this land for commercial and industrial development. Among these, the KDOT intended to build a new maintenance unit on a lot designated for heavy industrial use. Recently, the current owner, The Kathleen Bradley Trust, has proposed to further subdivide the remaining portion of Lot 1 into two individual lots for separate marketing and selling. It means, this subdivision would split Lot 1 into three distinct platted lots. Approving the proposal would mean subdividing Lot 1 into three commercial building lots, all meeting required zoning specifications. Existing utilities and drainage, including water and sanitary sewer lines, are in place to service the lots. Also proposed is the dedication of a new 20 ft utility easement between Lots 1 and 2. No fiscal impact on the city is projected as a result of this proposed replat. The motion to approve the proposed division passed with a 4-0 vote. Mayor Hoppock recused himself from the vote.

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