City Commission Accepts Proposed Easement Dedications

City Commission Accepts Proposed Easement Dedications

During Monday's City Commission Meeting, city commissioners discussed accepting the proposed easement dedications from Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. The company is seeking to serve Beck's Addition, a subdivision of a nearly 24-acre tract of land located on the west side of North Ohio Street south of 1-70. The meeting also covered an outline for a development agreement that would outline future road improvements' terms and conditions to N. Ohio Street.

Beck's Seeds acquired a 15-acre tract of land from DK Farm and Ranch, located on North Ohio Street's west side, in 2022. The company has submitted applications for rezoning and platting this land to establish a sales office and warehouse for their Salina operation. They are also looking to purchase additional acreage from the Ward Family Trust, which they propose to annex, rezone, and plat. The plan also involves a new structure for a sales and warehouse facility. In their June 2023 meeting, the City Planning Commission approved a zoning change from Agricultural to Light Industrial, subject to a platting of the property.

Current Request:
Caleb Bruner, acting on behalf of Beck's Hybrid Seeds, is requesting approval for the final plat of the proposed Beck's Addition to the City of Salina.

Subdivision Design:
According to the Subdivision Regulations approved in 2016, subdivisions that abut and have frontage on a direct access perimeter street must have a minimum of one public access point on that direct access perimeter street. Street Access: The proposed subdivision has 153 ft. of frontage on North Ohio Street, a major arterial street. The entrance to Beck's facility would be from a private driveway connected to Ohio Street.

Beck's has assured that there is sufficient infrastructure for essential services such as water, sanitary sewer, gas/electric, and storm drainage in the proposed location.

Easements and Dedications:
The proposed plat does not show any internal public streets.

Fiscal Note:
The development will not incur any fiscal impact on the City, as all utilities will be privately owned and maintained. Beck's will bear all internal improvement costs.

The acceptance of public utility and drainage easements on the Beck's Addition plat and the authorization for the Mayor to sign the plat on behalf of the city, was approved 4-0 by the City Commission. The recording of the plat is conditioned on the execution of a development agreement between the city and the company, which would address the timing and financial allocation for future street improvements to North Ohio Street. Mayor Hoppock recused himself.

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