Named after the fictional character created by German writer Rudolf Erich Raspe, this heart-of-downtown shop is home to eclectic and handpicked decor, antiques, upholstered furniture, and bohemian-style clothing. Connie Brunner, the owner of Baron Mushmouse, has always been captivated by the art of color and texture while mixing the old and the new. She has spent her career interior designing homes all over the country often traveling to her old stomping grounds in the Colorado mountains. "Being both a shopkeeper and an interior designer, I'm able to showcase my style as well as pull pieces from my store for a design project" said Brunner.

Brunner has traveled to France bringing back both inspiration and containers from French flea markets. This style combined with both classical and whimsical European influences are carried throughout her shop. Much of her artwork and decor are sourced within the United States and even within Salina. She has also prioritized displaying women-owned cottage industries. This past year, Brunner has focused on importing handpicked pieces directly from Europe. This month she received her first large shipment full of one-of-a-kind antiques from Germany, Belgium, and France. Brunner explained, "When the pieces arrive they are all a surprise to me. My task is then to make them sparkle within my shop and ultimately match them to their forever home." Despite delays in shipping, she expects to receive her next shipment in late August.

Brunner spends all year researching upcoming trends by traveling to places like New York, Atlanta, and Dallas. "This store is my lifestyle," said Brunner, "I am not just selling decor, for many, I am providing an experience." Whether it's giving a piece a second chance at life, displaying local art, or designing your home, Baron Mushmouse has no shortage of inspiration. Connie invites you to see for yourself what treasures she has in store at 141 South Sante Fe.

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