A Century of Memorial Hall

A Century of Memorial Hall

A century ago, Salina's Memorial Hall stood proudly as a symbol of remembrance and gratitude, dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers from past wars. The city of Salina came together in solemn honor, as a grand parade unfolded on this historic occasion, featuring the presence of 28 Civil War veterans, as well as veterans from the Spanish American War and World War I. It was a poignant testament to the resilience of those who had served their nation.

The very existence of this magnificent building owed its gratitude to the resounding support of Salina's residents, who, in 1920, approved a $300,000 bond issue that made its construction possible. Designed with local pride by Salina's own Charles Shaver, Memorial Hall was brought to life through the skilled craftsmanship of the Peterson Construction Co., a company deeply rooted in the community.

Throughout the years, Memorial Hall has echoed with the cheers of passionate sports fans, the thunderous applause for captivating plays, the harmonious sounds of concertgoers, and the rhythmic footsteps of dancers gracing its floors. Its walls have borne witness to countless memories etched into the hearts of Salina's citizens.

Captured in this photograph from the Museum's collection from circa 1925, are members of the Salina Chamber of Commerce standing proudly on the iconic steps of Memorial Hall, a testament to the enduring spirit and significance of this beloved landmark in Salina's history.

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