100 Things To Do In Kansas Before You Die

Nov 23, 2021 1 min read
100 Things To Do In Kansas Before You Die

It takes a long time to know Kansas well enough to write a book on it.

Author Roxie Yonkey made the trip to Salina to promote her new book, 100 Things to Do in Kansas Before You Die. Her promotion corner? Why, Ad Astra Books & Coffee House, of course! After all, it is stop #1 in her book.

Not only will readers find information on Kansas hot spots such as Cozy Inn (also in Salina), but they're also bound to discover new places the adventurous side in them is longing to discover.

When you're finished reading #1-100, go back through and read the tips about each location, giving you sights to take in!

Yonkey spoke on her book, followed by a signing.

Ad Astra Books & Coffee House is located at 141 N Santa Fe, in Downtown Salina.

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